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Iron Arts


Tim Hiller

Thank you for taking time to visit this site, and welcome to our Gallery!

Both of my Grandfathers were blacksmiths out of the necessity to keep equipment running on the farm.  Our families kept the trade alive much longer than most.  I remember as a boy standing outside staring into the shop: a doorway, a black hole of coal dust, and mystery.

Blacksmithing is a lost art.

Most people today dabble with a fire, a hammer and an anvil looking for lost secrets.  I'm not any different.  I've always enjoyed creating things since a child.  Life experience, along with the animals and natural beauty that surrounds us every day are the cornerstones and inspiration of my art.  Sometimes practical - sometimes purely artistic.  When is a "barn door hinge" not just a "barn door hinge"?  When you care enough to make it unique and beautiful.

Now with a lot of help and encouragement from friends and family I have started this web site.  Simply an avenue to spread information, share connections and creations.  I look forward to speaking with those of you who share a passion and love for forged steel.  Please contact me to discuss pieces you have seen in our Gallery, or custom projects that together we may bring to life.

Warm Regards,

                                               Tim Hiller