The Booth set up at the Mane Event 2017.

Santa's sleigh for a favorite friend.  railway spikes and a piece of track

A Mothers Love

Horse Shoe Spurs

Horse shoe Rose Spray  for the Love of my Life



Gifts for some special friends

If you see anything your interested in please contact us for prices and availability. Unless the item has been sold.  Keep in mind I cannot duplicate any one piece.  Each piece is unique and original.   I can also build a piece for you using your own shoes from a special horse for a more meaningful creation .   It makes a very special gift.

Hook for a Friend

War Horse

Desert Drifter #3  for sale $4000.00 38' across 14' from the wall 

Iron Arts

Tim Hiller

Some  Custom Boot Jacks

Young Warrior's Dowry for his Maiden.

This was a commissioned piece.

Wedding Roses for a Special Couple

Momzie gets

Out of the Smoke  2017

Horse Shoe Rose

A new Potatoe Spoon for a Plumbers family     : Copper  with Stainless handle and brass rivets

Rustic Fire place Grill Front hand riveted

Steam Punk Buckles for a Special set of Twins.

For these Twins the gift has to be unique.  It has to be the same yet different. Always a challenge I have enjoyed.

My Favorite picture

Desert Drifter    43"wide  8" from the wall

"Steeling a Kiss"

Driving Force of the Prairie wind

Stands 8 Ft. tall

4 Ft. from the wall

3 ft. wide.  will be a wall mount


Anything you see that interest you please Email us and we can give you pricing and availability.

Offset stirrups with a twist to alleviate knee ache

Rustic stainless butter knives

    $20.00 each