Wedding Roses for a Special Couple

Iron Arts

Horse shoe Rose Spray  for my Gal

Commission piece

Rustic butter knives     $20.00

If you see anything your interested in please contact us for prices and availability. Unless the item has been sold.  Keep in mind I cannot duplicate any one piece.  Each piece is unique and original.   I can also build a piece for you using your own shoes from a special horse for a more meaningful creation .   It makes a very special gift.

Hook for a Friend

War Horse

Horse Shoe Spurs

Fire place Grill Front  Hand Riveted

         Made to fit

Desert Drifter   #1       43" across  8" off the wall     

Young Warrior's Dowry for his Maiden.

Desert Drifter # 3  For sale $5000.00   38" across  14" from the wall

Tim Hiller

7804994520  •  Hay Lakes, AB T0B, Canada

The Booth set up at the Mane Event 2017.

Driving Force of the Prairie  Wind

 Stands  8 feet tall

4 feet out of the wall

3  feet wide

Offset Stirrups with a twist top to take pressure off your knees

Out of the Smoke  2017

A Mothers Love

Horse Shoe Rose

Twiggy      $4000.00

Santa Sliegh on commission

Anything you see that interest you please Email us and we can give you pricing and availability.